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GetRight Features:
GetRight extends the ability of your web browser's built in downloading by supporting graceful error recovery, download resuming, and many other advanced downloading features.

* RESUMING. GetRight can resume connections from a variety of problems that occur when downloading. GetRight can download and resume downloads from both Web (HTTP) and FTP servers.
(For Example, if you've downloaded 95% of a file and are disconnected, GetRight can resume and just get the remaining 5%, saving hours of download time. GetRight can even redial your telephone and continue automatically.)
Not all servers support resuming, but a large number do. Even if GetRight is unable to continue from the middle, it will still remember the file to download so you don't have to find it again.

GetRight has been tested by interrupting the download by:

  • Turning off the computer
  • Unplugging the modem from the wall
  • And much more.

  • * EASY TO START DOWNLOADS: GetRight has several ways for you to get addresses to GetRight so it can download the files.
  • Web Browser Monitoring. If you use Netscape Navigator/Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, GetRight can automatically detect when you have clicked on a file it should download. Using GetRight is as easy as using your web browser.
  • Clipboard Monitoring. If you copy an address (URL) to the clipboard, GetRight will automatically detect it and download the file! This works with ANY program--email, word processors, etc.

  • * LISTS: GetRight can store a large list of files you wish to download. Use it to build a list of all the files you want to download, then download them later (using GetRight's Scheduling options) when you're not surfing the web, or when phone rates are lower!

    * SCHEDULING: GetRight can be scheduled to download files at a later time, and can even dial your telephone and either hang up your modem or turn off your computer when it is done. (Note: Your computer must support turning off from Windows for GetRight to be able to turn off your computer.)
    GetRight can even be set to always download on specific days of the week, and to hangup and stop downloading at a set time too!

    * DIFFERENT SERVERS: GetRight can track many alternate addresses (URLs) where a file may be downloaded. It will automatically find and download from the server in the list of alternates that should offer you the best performance. And GetRight will transparently switch between these sites if they are busy or if other problems occur.
    GetRight supports several ways to find alternate addresses for downloading files, including:

    * WEB PAGE PROCESSOR: GetRight can process a web page it has downloaded and will present you with a list of all items on the page-- so you can quickly pick the ones GetRight should download.

    * CONTROL: GetRight has many configuration options and features to suit users from the most novice user who just wants to download a file, to the most sophisticated power user who wants to control every feature to suit their exact needs.
    You can set GetRight to "Basic" mode which provides an easier, less confusing interface for novice users. Or you can set GetRight to it's "Full" mode which provides control over most features in GetRight.
    You can control directories where GetRight should store files, many different sounds to play, Speed limit to reduce the use on your modem, and LOTS more.

    * SPEED: Many users see improved download speeds using GetRight instead of other download programs (such as your web browser.) Quite a few users have seen speed improvements of 10% or more. But not everyone has seen this improvement--your experience may vary. (If GetRight downloads more slowly than other tools, try looking at these possible solutions.)

    * SEGMENTING: GetRight can split a file into pieces and download different parts from different servers at the same time. This can greatly increase the speeds of your downloads.


    GetRight is shareware ($25 US) and is available for a free unlimited trial to see if it meets your needs.
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