GetRight Information:

Overview of GetRight: GetRight extends the ability of your web browser's built in downloading by supporting graceful error recovery, download resuming, and many other advanced downloading features.

    Note: If you're here because you are getting the "Computer Stops Responding on Certain Web Pages" problem and were referred here by Microsoft, this is fixed in the GetRight 4.5 betas. Or you can get the GetRight IE Monitoring Patch to just update earlier versions of GetRight.
    We've asked Microsoft to update their page, hopefully it will get updated soon!

GetRight is different than traditional FTP clients--it is designed to easily add onto your web browser to download files you find using the web. GetRight provides many features to automate and control your downloads (including scheduling them to start at a time, dialing your modem, hanging up the modem when the files are done, and much more.)

More Information:
  • Download GetRight!
  • Installing and Getting Started with GetRight.
  • Some of the Key Features of GetRight.
  • Features that are new in GetRight 4.x.
  • Help with problems using GetRight.
  • Images to put on your site. Tell people your site supports GetRight!
  • Previews of upcoming versions of GetRight.
  • What is "Shareware"?
  • Notes:
  • GetRight can download from servers using either the web (HTTP) or FTP protocols.
  • There is no extra server software required by GetRight. It uses existing abilities built into most FTP servers, and all the newest HTTP servers. List of servers that are known to resume or not resume downloads.
  • Not every server supports the resuming feature of GetRight. But most FTP servers do, and most newer web (HTTP) servers ones do as well. If the server doesn't support resuming, GetRight has to re-get the entire file again, just like other downloading tools. But GetRight remembers where to find the file, so you don't have to find it again to start downloading.
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