Online User Guide

Server Synchronizer

A new feature in GetRight 5.0!
Server Synchronizer lets you keep yourself current with sites you visit or download from often. GetRight can search a server and find the files which you do not have on your computer or the ones that have changed.
Want to copy a web site for offline viewing? No problem!
Need to be sure you have all the current documents from your corporate intranet? No problem!
Want to make sure you have all the MP3's from your favorite band's website? No problem!
Need to get that Linux installer and documentation? No problem!
Synchronizer Window


Runs the currently selected synchronization.


Creates a new Synchronizer item. Clicking this will open a blank Synchronization Properties window.
NOTE: The shareware version of GetRight will only allow one synchronization item. Theregistered version allows more.


Opens the Synchronization Properties window for the currently selected item.


Copies the currently selected synchronization item to another record. If you want several synchronizations that are similar, copying one can save time since you will not need to re-enter all the information.


Removes the selected synchronization item.


Opens the GetRight browser. If a synchronizer item is selected, the browser will open to that URL.


Opens the help file with information about synchronizing. (Very similar to the information here!)


Closes the Synchronizer window.
Synchronizer Results Window

Export File List

If you want to save a search, but don't want to download the files right away, you can export a download list. Available formats are:
GRX GetRight's standard export file list.
HTM A web page with links to all the files.
LST or URLS A simple text list with all the URLs.
NOTE: If you want to re-create the server's directory structure when importing downloads that have been exported, be sure to use the GRX format.

Advanced Select

Similar to the 'Filter' on the search page, but allows you to create or add or subtract from a selection of files by file type, wildcards, etc.

OK All

Closes the search results window and adds all the files to the download list.

OK Selected

Closes the search results window and adds the selected files to the download list.

Close Window

Closes the search results but does not add any files to the download list.

Search Results

This is the list of files that have been found by the search.
File Status Has three options:
   Doesn't exist. The file is not on your computer.
   Changed. The file on your computer doesn't match the one on the server.
   Verified. The file is on your computer. (It has already been downloaded.)