It is a privilege that you use my software on your computer. Thank you.
I have worked very hard to ensure that GetRight is a high-quality, useful product: one that I would want to use on my own computer if someone else had written it.

For all current versions of GetRight:

  • GetRight contains absolutely no advertising sorts of add-on files.
  • GetRight contains no extra programs tagging along in its installer.
  • GetRight will not (and never has) send us any personal information about you or your computer without your knowledge.
  • GetRight will not connect to our web site(s) without your control and a reason useful for you.
Features that can cause connections--all of these are options you can turn off at any time
  • Checking for a newer version
  • Searching for mirrors
  • The subscription channels
  • Playing a game
  • And of course, downloading GetRight itself will connect to our servers to download the installer :)

In return, I ask for your respect and honesty and support. We only make money if you buy GetRight. I rely on and trust in you, the people who use my software, to do the right thing and purchase it.

--Michael Burford
Programmer of GetRight